Kamis, 19 April 2012

Love Is So Bad

I know I'm ugly, I know I'm not beautiful, I know I'm not perfect enough to be your girl, I know I'm bothering you, I know I'm a disturber, I know I'm your most hated person, I know why, I KNOW! BUT please KNOW THAT I LIKE-- No, I LOVE YOU! You do know what is LOVE, right?
I wish you could have the same feelings like me, know that i like thinking about you every time, every night, and every day even though I know you'll never be mine. I would be pretty for you, being smart for you, make my height more tall like a super model. I want it all for you. I'll do everything because I'm in love with you.




haha it's true

Inggris translate    : Mutia Ardini
Words that make   : Ray Martini
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